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My name is Yitzchak Yadegari, a scientific illustrator with a rich background in biology and medicine.

I hold a doctorate degree in dentistry (DMD) from The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, which also makes me a dentist :)

I studied illustration at the Israel Museum and with the artist Eli Deitch, a Bezalel graduate.


Over the years I have gained a lot of experience both in the private market and public market. I won several illustration competitions, including the Ministry of Education Award for 2007, the design of the symbol of the Homat Shmuel neighborhood in Jerusalem, the Ministry of Justice Award for 2014, several magazine competitions and more.

I have presented my illustrations in a number of exhibitions, the most prominent of which are exhibitions in the Knesset, the Israel Museum, the Israeli Museum of Cartoons and Comics, and the Medical Library of the Hebrew University.

The combination of high-level medical academic studies, clinical knowledge and rich experience in the field of illustration and graphic design have naturally led to the creation of HandMed.

HandMed is a service created during my dentistry studies in order to help researchers at the University to upgrade their researches and give them a professional and stunning look.


All of the work is done by using the best software from ADOBE, such as photoshop and illustrator

Hundreds of figures, abstracts, presentations, logos and other elements were upgraded and boosted researchers and studies substantially.

I invite you to take a look at the rich portfolio on the site, to be impressed by the quality of the works, and to contact me in order to give your research the most professional look.


Looking forward to meet you :)

Any questions? I have some answers

So.. are you a dentist?

Yes i am. 

I currently work as a dentist part of the week, and in the other part I work as a science graphic artist.  

The combination of clinic, science and graphics brings me great satisfaction.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary depend on the type and size of work.

The final pricing will be given only after receiving all the materials.

Anyway, you can get an estimation in the price list.

Do you illustrate in 3D?

I currently work in 2D only. 

I suggest you to take a look at my works on the site and see if the style suits your requirements.

Is it possible to pay through a university budget?

Yes you could. I work in collaboration with the Hebrew University, Technion and a Research Foundation at Hadassah Ein Kerem.  

If you are not included in one of these institutions, contact me and we will see how we can work together

How long does an average job take?

It's hard to say. The time it takes to complete a job varies and depends on the details of the job and the client's response time. On average a Medium-sized illustration will take about a week to work, while building a website takes on average about a month.

Should I give you credit in advertising?

You do not have to, but it can be very nice of you.
You can use the following text for credit:

Created by HandMed - Dr. Yitzchak Yadegari


Official supplier of:

צילום מסך 2023-05-15 ב-23.20.02.png

The European Union Section,
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem

A partial list of magazines in which my works have been published:

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